Enhanced Asphalt Mixture Design for Sustainable Pavements


  • Hassan Salem Civil Engineering Dept. Engineering Faculty, Wadi Alshatti University Author


Asphalt mixture, Design methods, Pavement technical performance, Modelling methods


This study explores ways to improve asphalt mixture design for stronger and more sustainable roads. We examine three common design methods :Marshall, Superpave, and GTM ; to see which one works best. By testing different asphalt mixtures made with these methods, we uncover important differences in performance. Our results show that the GTM method produces asphalt mixtures with fewer voids and lower bitumen aggregate ratios, making them more stable in water and high temperatures. Additionally, GTM mixtures show better stability compared to those made with the Marshall and Superpave methods. While Superpave design results in mixtures with lower bitumen aggregate ratios, they last longer under repeated stress. However, mixtures made with the Marshall method don't perform as well overall. This research provides valuable insights into improving asphalt mixture design to create longer-lasting and more resilient roads.


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Salem, H. (2024). Enhanced Asphalt Mixture Design for Sustainable Pavements. Wadi Alshatti University Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, 2(2), 31-35. https://waujpas.com/index.php/journal/article/view/73